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    SHRMA presents Recruiting with Orv Owens

    Date: November 14, 2017, 11:30am – 1:30pm
    Shauneen Scott
    Mexico Room #304, Broadway Commons 1300 Broadway St, Salem, Oregon
    $30.00 per SHRM members. $35.00 for non-members.
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    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 52% of the people hired today will not be in that position within six months.  Poor hiring or promoting is a costly and time-consuming task.  If the person hired or promoted is not a good fit, the process has to start all over.  Many companies and government agencies just accept the non-qualified person and justify it by believing it is very difficult to find a person who fits. 

    Here are some of the points I will be making in my presentation for your chapter meeting.

    How to read a person’s values.  All behavior is controlled by our values so a job description should include the values needed for the position be filled. 

    How to ask questions that create sentences and paragraph answers rather than one or two words.  The more words the more accurate the read on the applicant’s inner motivations that control Personality, Performance and Presence. 

    How to read inner motivational fears that can create psychological blocks that will determine a persons’ growth and learning ability.

    The ability to hire a person who fits a job description requires a read on the 84% habitual behavior an applicant brings to the position being filled.  If that is not a good fit for the tasks and relationships required by the job description, it will be another hiring mistake.


    Orv Owens, PhD

    Orv Owens is President of a Consulting Firm specializing in the art of development more productive relationships.  As a consultant to corporations, government, and organizations of all sizes he has developed a more effective interviewing process which can eliminate mistakes in hiring and promoting.

    His research in the field of psychology has given him a base of principles and concepts which, when applied to the interviewing process, allow the interviewer to have confidence in making decisions in hiring.  The material is taught in a format which is informative, entertaining, and applicable to any interview situation.  Dr. Owens teaches the same concepts he uses when he is hired as interview to determine the best candidate to fill a top executive position. 

    His first book entitled, “The Psychology of Relationship Selling”, on how to relate to anyone, anywhere, anytime, was released in 1996 by Lifetime Books.  It is creating a new approach to understanding inner motivations of people and relating to them based upon their wants, needs, and desires.  Sales people are closing more sales, managers are increasing production and personal relationships are becoming more effective as a result of the principles presented in his book.


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