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    Employee Relations Specialist - Saif

    A strong theater production can leave an audience in awe, feeling as if they are part of the story and know the characters on a personal level. Actors are often credited with connecting the audience to the production, but without a stage manager behind the curtain, the show would crumble.

    Employee relations specialists are SAIF’s stage managers. As part of SAIF’s proactive and preventative employee relations philosophy, they provide early support to employees instead of waiting for problems to arise. They are humane, astute, unbiased, and diplomatic when having difficult performance conversations and investigating issues.

    Much like stage managers, our employee relations specialists know the show must go on, even when there are challenges backstage. SAIF employees must continue to serve customers and strive toward our mission even when relationships are strained. As our new employee relations specialist, you’ll need exceptional listening and interview skills, thoroughness, and organization to ensure our audience—that is, our customers—is not distracted by mishaps behind the curtain.

    There is usually no standing ovation for the stage manager that silently ensures even the most minute needs of a cast member are met. Our employee relations specialists receive little glory for the crucial role they play at SAIF. But your reward for a job well done is a stronger, more productive workplace, and helping employees perform and connect with customers in a way that leaves them both satisfied and wanting more.


    Director of Human Resources

    Corban University is looking for a Director of Human Resources. This is a great opportunity for an experienced generalist ready to move into this working director role with a great team.

    The successful candidate will direct all functions of Human Resources and employee management initiatives to create alignment with the strategic mission, vision, core values and overall culture of Corban University. This position develops strategies for employee engagement, compensation and performance management, and organizational development; and directs all aspects of the recruitment and strengthening of Corban’s workforce.

    Bachelor’s degree plus 8 years of Human Resources management experience, preferably in an academic institution, with at least 3 years of advanced level experience in HR management required.

    See job posting and how to apply at

    Posted: 5/16/19



    Are you in need of a summer intern?  Or just curious what students might be available to help your business this summer?  Consider exploring a college intern. 


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