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Membership Information

    SHRMA - Salem Chapter (#165) consists of over 200 members comprised of HR professionals located throughout the Salem area. The SHRMA chapter is defined as a 100% chapter since all SHRMA members are required to be active members of the national SHRM organization. Some of the member benefits of these affiliations can be found below.

    Every person who joins our Chapter must also be a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).  Click here to learn more about the many benefits of becoming a member of SHRM.

    Don't Let us Lose Touch

    If you’ve moved, changed employers, or your email address has changed recently, please remember to let us know.  In order to continue receiving our meeting invitations and other notifications, your information must be current in our data base.

    Please contact our Membership Director should you need to update your contact information, or if you have general questions regarding your membership with Salem SHRMA.

    Keep in mind that it's just as important to keep your membership information updated with SHRM at the National level.  SHRM has made this easy for you.  All you have to do is log on to

    Not a Current SHRM Member?

    If you are not a current SHRM member and are interested in becoming one, complete the membership application (please designate the Salem chapter of #165 to enjoy local benefits). First time members can receive a $15 discount off the low annual dues by using the promotional code 0118 on the membership application.

    Designate to the Salem Chapter

    The Salem Chapter Board of Directors and members welcomes you to our ever-growing team of HR Professionals.  A portion of your annual dues is returned to the chapter and is used to provide our members with the benefits listed below. Follow this link to the Designation Form.

    If you are already a member of another SHRM chapter and would like to make the Salem chapter (#165) your primary chapter, please fill out this form, or contact our Membership Director at   First time members receive a $15 discount. To recieve this discount please complete this special membership application.

    Here are some examples of our member benefits...

    Program or Service

    Who Served

    Brief Description

    Monthly Breakfast or Lunch Programs

    Discounts for Members

    Second Tuesday of each month, includes an informative speaker

    Chapter Newsletter

    Free to Members

    News and Views

    SHRM-Salem Chapter Website

    Free to Members

    The website is available to members of the Salem Chapter, includes organization information, volunteer opportunities, and links to our Regional and National affiliate websites.

    Job Bank

    Free to Members

    Current job listings in the area.

    HR Certification

    Discount for Members

    The Chapter offers assistance in preparing for exams and recertifications as established by the Human Resources Certification Institute ("HRCI").


    Discounts for Members

    These seminars/workshops are held throughout the year.

    Regional NHRMA Conferences

    Discounts for Members

    Annual opportunity to learn about current HR issues. Held at various Northwest locations.


    Free to Members

    One of the best vehicles for networking in the organization: Membership; Programs; Professional Development; Legislative Affairs; Regional conferences.

    School to Work

    Free to Members

    Efforts to bridge the gap between curriculum and actual working environments.

    Member Toolkit

    Free to Members

    Provides information about the benefits of

    Why Not Make the Most Out of Networking?

    It’s no secret that people are creatures of habit, and we’re naturally more comfortable sitting near people we know when attending social meetings and events.  At the next SHRMA meeting you attend, why not try sitting at a table where you know no-one. This will give you the opportunity to meet someone new and maybe one of our new members. And if you’re a long time SHRMA member, you might even share the benefits of affiliation with our Chapter with a new SHRMA member.  Our local chapter has a wide variety of members in different organizations. We should all try and tap into these great local resources.  You never know, you may meet a life-long friend!